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Would you record 400 hours of podcasts?

The Crazy Wisdom host Stewart Alsop shares it all.

Stewart Alsop III is not just the host of The Crazy Wisdom podcast; he’s a friend and a fellow adventurer in the wild world of podcasting. Our paths first crossed when Stewart invited me onto his show to dive into the magic behind Since then, he’s embarked on an epic journey, recording nearly 400 episodes, quenching his insatiable curiosity, and even discovering a unique way to monetize his passion.

Today, I had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Stewart to The Novice. Our plan was to explore the nuts and bolts of producing countless episodes, staying motivated, and all things podcasting. But, as often happens with Stewart, the conversation took a thrilling detour. We plunged into the depths of San Francisco’s underground culture, reminisced about his wild farm life with goats, and the vibrant mix of truck-driving Trump supporters and perpetually-high, earth-loving hippies.

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Highlights of this episode:

🌟 From San Francisco to Buenos Aires: Stewart traded the tech hustle of San Francisco for the tango rhythms of Buenos Aires. Why? Because why not!

🦙 Farm Life Follies: Ever thought you’d need an emu to guard your goats? Neither did Stewart. Discover his wild farm adventures that involve mountain lions and some very confused animals.

🎧 Podcasting Wisdom: Stewart’s done nearly 400 episodes and counting. He shares how spontaneity became his new best friend and why scheduling is soooo last year.

💡 Redneck Science: Yes, it’s a thing. And it’s surprisingly effective. Stewart dives into the quirky world of country ingenuity.

💰 Argentinian Economics: Forget your high school econ class. Stewart explains the wild world of pesos, Bitcoin, and why the black market rate is the real MVP.

Grab your favorite beverage, sit back, and join us for a rollercoaster of an episode that covers everything from the spiritual crises to the secret to surviving San Francisco’s tech scene (hint: it’s all about the parties).

Catch the full episode here!

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Stay curious,

Kirill Zubovsky

P.S. Ever tried to buy an emu?
Stewart has, and it’s as wild as it sounds.

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